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                       "Ghost Chasers are in it for the fad.  Ghost Hunters are in it for the hobby.

                              But Paranormal Investigators are in it because it is a passion...."

                       PRISMd. does not claim to be the best. We let our clients speak for us....

                  We do not base an investigation on orbs, mist, or other so called "paranormal oddities".


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                                                ****  OUR MISSION ****

The mission of the Paranormal Research and Investigation Society of Maryland ("PRISMd."), is to thoroughly and completely investigate the alleged presence of paranormal phenomena and ghostly hauntings while documenting the presence of spirits and ghosts through scientific, photographic, video, and audio evidence. All findings are kept confidential.

All investigators of the Paranormal Research and Investigation Society of Maryland (PRISMd.) undergo a thorough criminal background check, and submit to random urinalysis. The safety and security of PRISMd.'s clients, client's property, and of PRISMd.'s members is paramount. Anyone with a criminal history will not be allowed membership in PRISMd. Period...


                                      FREE OF CHARGE.                              



          PRISMd., GAC, and Ghostvillage: United Together. 

The Paranormal Research and Investigation Society of Maryland is based in Catonsville, Maryland. The Society is operated as an all volunteer group to professionally investigate sites of suspected paranormal activity, or known as "haunted". Investigations are conducted on a professional basis, seeking to disprove a "haunting" through the use of deductive reasoning. All information will be kept in total confidentiality. All findings will only be used for training purposes. Each case is handled with care, concern, and hopefully a conclusion.

Nationally recognized paranormal investigators Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Nick Groff, and the entire team at "Ghost Adventures", are united with PRISMd. in a joint venture of national recognition of paranormal investigators united to study, and document paranormal activity. Serious investigations by dedicated, credible investigators working towards the goal of paranormal unity. PRISMd. is honored to be recognized nationally by "Ghost Adventures" and accepted into the paranormal investigative fold of the "Ghost Adventures Crew"!

The fine folks at recognizes teams in the paranormal field. Certain credibility comes with being recognized by Ghostvillage. PRISMd. is proud to continue the tradition of professionalism in the paranormal field with this recognition.

The Society will not accept, nor demand any fees for the investigations the Society performs. The Society operates under a strict Code of Conduct, and any member violating such oath of the Code will be dismissed from the Society. The Society is operated much like a law enforcement agency with discipline, rank structure, and most of all, INTEGRITY.

The Society's members come from all parts of the Maryland regional area. The Society is open for new members. As a requirement for membership, all candidates must pass a mandatory criminal background check. All members of the Society must undergo training in case analysis, historical documentation, technical operations, and the use of modern scientific equipment. 

PRISMd will work with other credible paranormal groups on investigations to give those involved a complete, and detailed  professional analysis. PRISMd welcomes any members of other groups for a co investigation, but will also have to undergo the same criminal background screenings to assure integrity.

If a demonic or malevolent entity is found, we can put you in touch with clerical, or other groups for help. We will assist where we can, and we are not Egon Spengler and the "Ghostbusters" to get out photon streams to rid those pesky spirits. We leave this for dedicated professionals. The Society is a fact finding group only. PRISMd is serious about quality work on our investigations. If we don't know something, we will admit it.

If you want professional results, rely on PRISMd to give you dedicated service with a group that handles each case professionally. If you want a bunch of amateur future televIsion stars, or some of those other phony wannabes call Central Casting. If you want results, call PRISMd. We are serious in our research, and serious in our results.

                            Please view our entire website, and find out what PRISMd. is all about!


September 11, 2001. The World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. We Shall Never Forget. Support Our Troops! United States Navy, United States Army, United States Air Force, United States Marine Corps, United States Coast Guard, and the United States Merchant Marines. May God protect all past and present members of these services. May they all come home safe. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

If you have any questions, concerns, or wish to have PRISMd. conduct an investigation, please call us at (410) 718 - 4728, or (410) 744 - 4651. Or you can email us at:


And that is what makes PRISMd. different than other paranormal groups. Deductive reasoning, open minded skepticism, accurate historical research, up to date investigative techniques and equipment, and care for the client. This is what sets PRISMd. apart from other groups. PRISMd. works with other credible paranormal teams. Networking, learning new techniques, sharing information, and working together to help those plagued by paranormal activity, PRISMd. is at the forefront of helping the client.


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The Paranormal Research and Investigation Society of Maryland has an initiative called "Save Our Cemeteries". Through the initiative, we bring awareness to many neglected, abandoned, and vandalized cemeteries. By photographing, documenting, and locating each cemetery, the initiative is important to historians, genealogists, and paranormal investigators alike in preserving these sacred places for future generations.

If you want to help PRISMd save a cemetery, email us at :

Be sure to check out our videos on YouTube through our "LOST MARYLAND" and "The Cemetery Chronicles" series.

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                          Just Say No To Ouija Boards.


                                                             Why say no to Ouija boards?

Some say they are portals to evil. Some say they are portals to lost souls. Some say they can communicate with deceased loved ones. But there are some who claim this board can be manipulated by hucksters and charlatans to dupe emotional clients into believing the communication is real.

Started as a game, and weaved into a methodic concotion of paranormal and playtime. Now the Ouija board is making a comeback, and are used by some "paranormal investigative" groups. And some of these same groups base their sole evidence in an "investigation" by the "findings" rendered by the Ouija board.

PRISMd. does not use Ouija boards, nor does PRISMd. condone their use either. True evidence can be captured by modern scientific equipment. Ouija boards can be manipulated. Regardless of your beliefs, the evidence that proves Ouija boards are reliable are dim at best.

PRISMd. urges those who have Ouija boards, and who wishes to dispose of them, to bind the board and the planchette in a plastic bag with Sea Salt, and bury them deep underground. Ouija boards are not for amateurs.